• No Greater Love

    Mission and the Way of the Cross


    Jesus sent us on mission. “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” (John 20:21). Mission requires an ongoing purification. Am I really going beyond myself or am I just extending myself into a new context? Am I really stepping outside my comfort zone? Am I crossing a true border? Is my focus more on the other, and their world? Are my motives pure? Is Jesus the ultimate horizon for everything I think or do?

    These are tough questions. We pray that this way of the cross will inspire you to intentionally embrace your personal call to mission.

    To be intentional about mission, we need to SEE, JUDGE, and ACT. This process, sometimes referred to as the pastoral circle, is designed to keep us grounded in experience, aware of our assumptions, and prudential in our decisions.

    SEE. When we look at mission in our lives, what do we see in our own experience, our own history, our family? When we look beyond ourselves, what do we see in others, in our faith community, in the teachings and traditions of our faith? What do we know about “the missions?”

    JUDGE. How do we understand what we see? Do we look at mission through the lens of politics, economics, culture? What stories do we tell ourselves about mission? How do those stories make me feel? What does Jesus tell us about mission?

    ACT. Discernment is putting all of our cards on the table – who we are, what we see, and how we understand what we have seen, what we feel – before the Lord in the promise and power of the Holy Spirit with the reign of God as our ultimate horizon. We take everything to the Lord with a simple prayer – here I am Lord, send me. Decide what you are going to do and for how long. It could be as simple as praying the mission rosary once a week for three months. Schedule it. Then, set aside some time, after three months, to reflect on that decision, what you have learned from that experience, and discern your next step in mission.

    We begin Lent remembering that we are dust. We journey through Lent remembering that God created us, God loves us, God loves us so much that he sent his only son, Jesus, to save us from our sins, the power of fear and death, and to invite us into the communion of holiness. We are dust. Jesus is our friend, our companion, as we consecrate the earth to God and bring the light of faith to the world.

    This way of the cross is taken from the USCCB website and reflects the more Scriptural approach developed by Saint John Paul II. We pray that this way of the cross, stretched over all of Lent, will encourage your own call to mission and accompany you in your efforts to be a better friend to Jesus. We welcome your contributions to this process. Please feel free to share your insights into mission as you ponder the way of the cross. Send them to Julia Pinto. You can also share your insights on Facebook.


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